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Siennaholics Anonymous
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About this journal
Welcome to the only LJ community devoted entirely to the British actress Sienna Guillory. If you're a fan, please feel free to join and share in the love :)

February 2012
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re_femslash: A Resident Evil Femslash Community.

Jill Valentine included :)

Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! [userpic]

For you fans!!!


Remilia Scarlet [userpic]

♫ Mylene Farmer (Avant que l'ombre...A BERCY): 11
♫ Christa Miller: 4
♫ Sienna Guillory: 8
♫ Sherilyn Fenn: 12



☢ Hellraiser [userpic]

re_narrative Resident Evil game and movie fan fictions galore. :D

T_elosx [userpic]

vanilia & chocolate [userpic]

Helen of Troy (Sienna Guillory) : 16 icons (Focosing on Helen and Agamemnon
Edward Norton : 2 Headers and 2 Banners (request fullfilled)


Prize of Antiguity's bloodiest war

Comment if taken or just admired
Credit sns_red_curtain
Textless icons are not bases

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vanilia & chocolate [userpic]

I am a new member to this community and I wanted to say that I think it is awsome that there is a community dedicated to the wonderful, amazing, talented Shienna.I first saw her in Helen of Troyand I just adored her ever since.She is just stanning as Helen not to mention that this adaptation is a far better one than Troy and being greek I definately know what I am talking about.

I was wondering if I can start a topic for discussion for Helen of Troy?I just want to ask and be sure that Iwant to sth that not right....

The amazing Shienna Guillory as Helen of Troy

I have capped this lovely miniseries and posted the links in my community.I hope that you will like my caps and make a lot of fanarts with them as I intend to do.I will cap as many of her movies as I can find.

Please say thank you if taken...
...Do not forget comments are love and it'll only take 5 sec and keeps the capper go on
Do not claim my work as your own
Credit sns_red_curtainso others can find the captures
Please leave a commnet in my community if you take the caps

Samples and downloads here


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hi, does anyone have screencaps or just any pics from silence becomes you? i can't find anything. >_> 

LS [userpic]

I bring you 144 bases (or very simple icons ^_~) of Sienna Guillory! Various roles included.


( Behind a cut. )

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